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Gwen Stefani Reveals Simple Wedding Plans With Blake Shelton And If Adam Levine Will Perform

Gwen Stefani shared her ‘simple’ yet ‘really fun’ wedding plans with Blake Shelton in a new interview. She also revealed  whether their former co-star from ‘The Voice,’ Adam Levine, will be part of these plans.

Gwen Stefani reveals her wedding plans with Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani reveals her wedding plans with Blake Shelton

Sorry, Adam Levine, but it looks like Gwen Stefani isn’t eyeing the Maroon 5 frontman to perform at her wedding with Blake Shelton — even if she’d “love” him to. Her reasoning wasn’t as blunt as Blake’s, though (the country music star joked that Adam’s band’s music is too “boring” this past December).

Rather, Gwen Stefani just doesn’t want her nuptials to be an A-list event, which she revealed while opening up about her “simple” wedding plans on the April 23 episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton announce their engagement

“I definitely would love to have Adam sing at our wedding, but you know, the thing is, is that I feel like we’re not gonna have a wedding band. I feel like we’re not,” Gwen Stefani admitted to host Seth Meyers, who had brought up her fiancé’s playful jab about Adam’s music.

In lieu of a live wedding band, Gwen Stefani said she thinks they’re “just gonna go with like a playlist.We’re keeping it very simple—really simple,” the former No Doubt frontwoman continued. Seth cut in here to say that it’s “a lot of pressure” to “put on someone to be a wedding band,” and assumed the guest list “will have a long list of musicians.”

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