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Harry Styles: Proves He’s Got Style After His New Short Hair During His BRIT Award Acceptance Speech

No BRIT Awards would be complete without Harry Styles. The ‘Watermelon Singer’ looked snazzy in his chic suit and sharp hair when he won the award for British Single. Check him out here!

Harry Styles wins British Single with new look
Harry Styles wins British Single with new look

Harry Styles was only nominated for a single BRIT Award, but from what he wore on the red carpet, the 27-year-old singer just won the whole event. Not only did he win best dressed according to fans, but he won the BRIT for British Single for “Watermelon Sugar.”

Singer Harry Styles will rest easy knowing that he slayed the evening as one of the sharpest dressed Brits in attendance, giving fans a good look at not only his snazzy suit, but his shorter and cooler hair.

Harry Styles at the Brits red carpet

The shaggy locks that have come to define Harry Styles during his Fine Line period have been shorn, giving way to a shorter, cleaner look. The choice is more occupational, as he’s currently shooting the period piece, My Policeman, in the UK.

There aren’t artists who can light up a red carpet the same way they light up a stage, and Harry has become one of those rare few. During the 2020 BRIT Awards, he donned a gender-bending look ahead of his performance. It’s a fact: Harry Styles got style!

Harry Styles

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