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Harry wants to get more money instead of defending the image of his mother, Netflix's Lady Di

Some experts say that Prince Harry must break relations with Netflix and take action on the matter.

Meghan and Harry.
Meghan and Harry.

The new characterization and role of Princess Diana of Wales has taken a few by surprise after the launch of the fifth season of the series The Crown. However, critics and royal experts attribute that there is another reason that should be taken with tweezers: Prince Harry's reaction and response to this event.  

From the elites have looked with suspicion that the Duke of Sussex has remained silent before the character of Lady Di in the series The Crown. He took no legal action against Netflix for altering his mother's image, and in public opinion they catalog it as a huge mistake. 

But the commotion goes beyond mere opinions. According to Angela Levin, a royal biographer, Meghan Markle's husband does not want to express his position, much less contradict the Netflix giant, because he has a contract signed for 150 million dollars. And, clearly, he doesn't want to throw away that slice of the pie. 

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Both Meghan Markle and Harry appear as signatories in the contract with Netflix. It is valid for 1 year and there they will have the opportunity to create documentaries, feature films and other productions together. Therefore, members of the British royalty say that it is unheard of for the duke to prefer money to defend the memory of his mother. 

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