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Heather Morris: Reveals Lea Michele's Secret That Glee Doesn't Want You To Know

Heather Morris confirmed that the Glee Cast were afraid to talk about Lea Michele's behavior. Learn more here!

Heather Morris tells the truth about Lea Michele
Heather Morris tells the truth about Lea Michele

Last year, a tweet posted by Samantha Ware stating that Lea Michele had made her life hell on the set of the 'Glee' series set off a chain reaction, leading to many other members of the show who had worked with the actress in the past to talk about her supposedly difficult nature and her diva ways.

However, there were also exceptions. Heather Morris, who played Brittany S. Pierce in the television musical, refused to join the barrage of accusations being made against Lea Michele, who was accused of bullying other actors and had made racist comments about Samantha.

Now Heather Morris has broken her silence to try to explain why no one said anything about the series star's behavior when she was still on the air and what led her to keep quiet while others publicly lashed out at Lea. She revealed nobody said anything back then because of fear.

Heather Morris and Lea Michele in Glee

For her part, Heather tries not to judge Lea too harshly because, as she herself has now recalled, she had to deal with the death of Cory Monteith, her boyfriend in fiction and in real life since 2013, a consequence of an accidental overdose while continuing to work on the series.

"We were all close to Lea at different times, and then we stopped being so. So that human element is key to understanding who that person is: growing up with her, seeing her try to be better and taking care of herself after Cory's death, the elephant in the room no one was talking about," Heather Morris lamented.

Heather Morris

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