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Holly Madison reveló cómo fue la pesadilla que vivió en la mansión Playboy

Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend broke the silence and dared to tell the hell she had to endure with the tycoon.

Holly Madison.
Holly Madison.

Between 2001 and 2009, Holly Madison was the girlfriend of Hugh Hefner and lived in the Playboy mansion. What at first glance seemed to be a life full of luxuries and excesses, ended up hiding a true nightmare that, only now, the model dares to face. Although for some time he had already been giving some indications of the mistreatment he went through, he could never put what happened into words until it took on value.

The discharge of what he experienced was done through social networks. There she uploaded a video where she recounted all the feelings she went through after finding a photo from those years, where she was seen dressed as a Playboy bunny. Little by little, he developed body dysmorphia, a pathology related to the obsession with body image.

Although Holly Madison already had a toned body and very commensurate with her height; the blonde always felt bad because she understood that her thighs were too big, that her belly was too noticeable and that to be in tune with her companions she had to, at least, lose between 3 and 4 kilos more.

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However, this was not all, since the excesses in which Holly Madison had fallen, added to the use of dangerous substances, made her fall into a very deep depression. At the time, the diva decided to leave the mansion and resume her life, far from that dark past. According to her own account, her autobiography Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Preventive Tales of an Ex-Playboy Girlfriend, has contributed to exorcising that wound so painful that it still does not heal. 

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Video taken from channel E! News.

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