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Iman Reveals The Surprising Way She Met David Bowie In Rare Interview: Our Love Was ‘Predestined’

Supermodel Iman appeared on Naomi Campbell’s YouTube show on April 27 and gave a rare glimpse into her iconic love story with the late David Bowie, discover more of their love story here!

David Bowie and Iman's Enduring Love Story
David Bowie and Iman's Enduring Love Story

Iman, 65, rarely talks about her beloved husband, David Bowie, who she lost to cancer in 2016, but she happily reminisced during an appearance on Naomi Campbell‘s YouTube show No Filter with Naomi. 

During the hour-long video interview Iman revealed that her love affair with the ‘Ziggy Stardust’ singer started with a blind date! “I just moved to LA, because I just wanted to have a distance,” the founder of Iman Cosmetics shared with the 50-year-old catwalk queen.

“I moved to LA, and while I was in LA, I met David,” she continued. “And it was a blind date, we were really set up. I met this hairdresser, at a photographer’s dinner one night, and he said, I’d like you to come to my birthday party. And it was at a restaurant, so I thought it was a birthday party. And it was four of us, David. The hairdresser and the boyfriend. And me.

Iman and David Bowie's dream wedding

“The hairdresser was David’s hairdresser, but David didn’t even know,” the longtime model laughed. “David was told it was also a birthday dinner. And that’s how I met him, that’s how I met him. And it was 29 years ago. It’s literally when people say do you believe in destiny? Yup. Yeah, this could not have happened… I truly in my heart feel it was predestined.”

Iman and David Bowie married in 1992 and went on to have one child together — a daughter, Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones, 20. Iman and Bowie were together until he died at the age of 69, after battling liver cancer. Iman has not remarried since, and it’s clear she still misses him.


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