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Isla Fisher: Speaks for the first time about her private life with Sasha Baron Cohen

Find out everything Isla Fisher has to say about her marriage to Sasha Baron Cohen and more!

Isla Fisher opens up about her family
Isla Fisher opens up about her family

Isla Fisher is undoubtedly one of the most secretive actresses in the show. Despite the fact that she is usually in successful productions and attracts attention because of her red hair, little is known about her in her private life.

Isla Fisher has one of the most stable relationships of the moment (perhaps that secrecy has helped them both to keep their relationship free of scandals). The actress met Sacha Baron Cohen in 2002 and since 2004 they have been happily married. Far from being the center of attention, the married couple keep their relationship and family life very calm.

Isla Fisher with husband Sacha Baron Cohen and their baby

Recently the 45 year-old actress spoke to Marie Claire Australia about how chaotic her daily life can be. “Motherhood is actually my favorite subject, but I keep it private. I think all parents are trying to protect their children, especially in the age of social media.”

The actress knows the pressures of the industry very well as she has always been in the spotlight. She knows that children become easy targets for paparazzi or netizens who are only looking to criticize so she is very careful when it comes to her children.

Isla assured that she will never publish photos of her children on her social networks to take care of her image and privacy, she wants their children to live a normal childhood, so the couple made the decision to move to the Australian suburbs so that they could have the most peaceful life possible as a family.

Isla Fisher

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