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Ivanka Trump: Hits Her 5 Year-Old Son In The Face With A Surfboard During Private Lessons

Por Lucía Murphy

11/05/2021, 06:52 PM

Ivanka Trump: Hits Her 5 Year-Old Son In The Face With A Surfboard During Private Lessons

With Ivanka Trump out of the White House and living in Miami, she’s attempted to take up surfing. Unfortunately, she ended up accidentally steering her board into her young son’s face during a lesson. Check it out here!

Ivanka Trump has more time on her hands now for fun activities with her kids now that she’s no longer a senior White House adviser to her dad, former President Donald Trump. The 39-year-old and her family have relocated to Miami, and she decided to get with the beach lifestyle and try her hand at surfing.

She took a Mother’s Day lesson on May 9, along with her three kids Arabella, nine, Joseph, seven, and Theo, five, and ended up accidentally hitting her youngest child in the face with her board.

Ivanka Trump was seen attempting to stand up and catch a ride on a wave, but Theo was paddling up into it when the two collided. The tip of the former fashion designer’s longboard could be seen hitting her son directly in the head, as she had a look of horror on her face as she saw the impact about to happen.

Then the board hit Theo on the side of his head, and his face had a look of total pain from the surfing accident. The watery crash hopefully taught Ivanka Trump and her kids a valuable lesson about riding too close together when trying to catch the same wave.

Fortunately the rest of their surf session seemed to go off injury-free. She could be seen with an instructor from the South Beach Surf Club in the water helping steer her board into the waves so that Ivanka, who is 1.80 m tall, could practice going from paddling on her stomach to standing up and catching a ride.

The former first daughter kept giving it her all until he was finally able to hang ten. Ivanka Trump had a steely, determined look on her face, while she was dressed for spending all day in the water. She wore black leggings and a long sleeved blue rash guard with the surf club’s logo on the front.


Miami Life

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, 40, moved their family to Miami after her father left the White House in Jan. 2020, where Joe Biden lives now with wife Dr. Jill Biden and their two dogs. 

Prior to heading south after four years in Washington D.C., the couple bought a $32 million piece of land on Indian Creek Island, known as the billionaire’s bunker for it’s exclusivity and limited number of land plots.

Couple Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner’s property in Palm Beach, close to Mar-a-Lago, the home where she lived before his father was married to Melania Trump. Seems the Trumps love that area, living there is like their registered trademark! Better than living with the secret service, that’s for sure.

Until the couple builds their dream home, the family is staying in an ultra-luxury condo in the exclusive Arte Surfside building, just across a waterway from Indian Creek Island in the town of Surfside, FL. With a name like that, no wonder Ivanka and the kids want to take up surfing!