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J Balvin's dream came true! He will become a father with former Miss Argentina Valentina Ferrer

It seems that dreams do come true, discover how J Balvin reacted when he finally found out that he was going to become a father!

J Balvin and Valentina Fererr will be parents!
J Balvin and Valentina Fererr will be parents!

J Balvin will finally become a father, after having expressed his desire to be one for so long. And it will be together with his girlfriend, the ex-Miss Argentina Valentina Ferrer, who gave the exclusive to Vogue magazine. 

J Balvin, according to his girlfriend, was totally shocked when he received the news, as on countless occasions he had made public his desire to bring a child into the world. The model took a photo session where she showed off her tummy to reveal the beautiful news to the world. 

J Balvin's girlfriend Valentina Ferrer shows her belly on Instagram

J Balvin's partner explained that the most gratifying moment, so far, in her pregnancy, was when she felt his baby kick for the first time inside her womb. “What surprised me the most was when the baby started kicking. When I first felt him kicking. " 

Regarding how J Balvin has behaved while he awaits the arrival of his baby and how he gave him the news, Valentina Ferrer commented that the singer already speaks to her belly, and couldn't be any happier.

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