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Jamie Doran and his discomfort in shooting the movie 50 Shades of Grey

Controversial reflection of the actor on his role as Christian Grey, 6 years after his performance.

Jamie Dorian.
Jamie Dorian.

British actor Jamie Doran gave an interview to GQ magazine in which he dared to reflect on his character as Christian Grey. This role was carried out in the novel 50 Shades of Grey that was broadcast 6 years ago. His approach came after critics launched harsh comments against his film.  

During the conversation, Jamie Dorian, 39, rejected all the criticism that tarnished the work that was done on the film titled 50 Shades of Grey. In his opinion, behind that production there was a team that strove to give the best of their talent and knowledge with the purpose of making an excellent work. Without much hesitation, the heartthrob was also included in that list.  

This franchise, which included three 50 Shades of Grey films, starred Jamie Dorian and actress Dakota Johnson. In addition, it was known that the film grossed 1.32 billion dollars at the box office, which makes it one of the most precious works in the industry.  

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 Before ending the interview, the actor asked the public to respect the work done by the producers and creators of the films. On the other hand, he said that he does not regret facing this role, given that it has given a boost to his profession, as well as an economic stability that anyone could want.  

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Video taken from the moviemaniacsDE channel.

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