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Jealous? Kim Kardashian talked about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's reconciliation

The media did not hold on and expressed via Instagram what she thinks about the singer's love return with the actor.

Kim Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian.

It should be remembered that singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck had a romantic relationship between 2002 and 2004. However, the magic vanished when it was confirmed that the heartthrob was unfaithful to J.Lo despite being engaged. But no one imagined that, 20 years later, the "Benifer" phenomenon would make its own with a reconciliation. One of the celebrities to talk about the couple was Kim Kardashian

Through an Instagram Stories, the socialite Kim Kardashian did not hold back and exposed what she thinks about the new romance between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. It is good to mention that the diva had a courtship with the athlete Alex Rodriguez for more than 2 years; in fact, they were engaged. But from one day to the next they separated. While in the life of the American actor the same thing happened: his romance with Ana de Armas did not prosper.  

To the surprise of many, Kim Kardashian, ex-wife of Kanye West, published in the network of hearts a photograph of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in their participation in the Venice Film Festival. In addition, the older sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan wrote the following: "Long live Benifer." And he closed his post with a heart for both of them. 

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With this post on Instagram, Kim Kardashian reaffirmed her support for the new love stage that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have despite the criticism of public opinion that their reconciliation earned them. At the moment, the celebrities are under the spotlight of the press, but they remain focused on living their affair to the fullest and correcting the mistakes of the past. 

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Video taken from the Celebrity Star channel.

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