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Jennifer Aniston ended the mystery and told what relationship she has with David Schwimmer

The actress decided to give an answer to her fans and make her sentimental situation clear.

Jennifer Anniston and David Schhimmer.
Jennifer Anniston and David Schhimmer.

A few months ago, the members of Friends decided to get back together and excite the fans who enjoyed them so much in the 90s. However, beyond the repercussions generated by that meeting, what attracted the most attention was the confession of love between Jennifer Aniston and David Schhimmer.  

In the strip, Rachel and Ross make up the group of friends; but they stay in love in secret until little by little, the relationship is on track. After several twists and turns, his story was the one that most moved fans and those who still remain in the memory of viewers. But apparently, love transcended the small screen.  

Both confessed that in real life they were in love because that tenderness they manifested with their characters, were monopolizing their lives. The bond never worked because each had their partners, but the reunion years later rekindled the flames and many began to speculate about the possibility that they were together. It was even said that they were traveling very often to visit and spend time together.  

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However, Jennifer Aniston decided to go out and talk, clarify the many and end with the comments about it.  According to Brad Pitt's ex, they are just great friends and will support themselves since there are no other intentions. The actor, for his part, did not come out to talk but remains in the same line as his colleague, since he prefers to prioritize friendship over the love of a couple.  

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Video taken from the Entertainment Tonight channel.

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