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Jennifer Aniston is in search of love and revealed what she needs from a man

The most coveted bachelorette launched her pretensions to start a relationship.

Jenniffer Aniston.
Jenniffer Aniston.

For some time now, Jennifer Aniston has become one of the most romantic women. However, the actress and former partner of Brad Pitt, ensures that she does not meet anyone and that she is having a very good time since she is finding herself.  

Some time ago, the possibility that he was starting a bond with David Schwimme had also been postulated. In the reunion of Friends both protagonists indicated that they were in love with each other; but that both had their respective partners and that this, prevented them from living their love, thousands of hypotheses began to be woven about it. 

When they were asked if they were seeing each other secretly or if the romance was incipient; Jennifer Aniston did not hesitate to take the floor and remark that none of this was happening since they have been great friends for a long time. On the other hand, she mentioned that she is alone and confessed what she expects from a man.

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The Hollywood star said that she does not have too many expectations in love, but she would like to be able to fall in love with someone who is not famous and who does not belong to the world of acting. Meanwhile, his fans continue to wait for news about his love life and even see with good eyes that he returns with Brad Pitt

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Video taken from eyewitness News channel WTVO WQRF.

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