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Jennifer Lopez: Flies back to LA to spend more time with Ben Affleck after cutting Alex Rodriguez forever

The former (or new?) couple is spending as much time with each other as possible. Learn more here!

Jennifer Lopez’s plans with Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez’s plans with Ben Affleck

Just two weeks after Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted in Los Angeles, the singer has reportedly returned to the city of angels to hang out with her former fiancé. Seems Bennifer is still going strong!

A source close to the JLO Beauty founder told E! News, “J.Lo spent time with Ben this week.” The hard-working businesswoman found time during her busy work schedule to fly across the states for a few days but is already back in Miami.

The news comes after reports that Jennifer Lopez “cut off” Alex Rodriguez. The former couple was recently spotted in Los Angeles but after a few days apart they were already missing each other and ready to reconnect.

The source told E!, “she came out to L.A. and they saw each other. They were excited to reunite after being apart for a few days. She had a break in her work schedule and wanted to see him again.” 

The source continued, ”It‘s all very new and exciting even though they have known each other forever. It’s been fun to get to know each other all over again. They are both very happy with where things are and where they are going. She had to leave to go back to Miami for work, but they plan to see each other again soon.”

Jenny from the Block and Ben Affleck picked up where they left off 17 years ago and things seem to be going great despite the distance. Affleck is based in Los Angeles and lives near his children and ex-wife Jennifer Garner while Lopez is in Miami.

A source told People, “It’s a tricky situation since they live so far from each other, but they both seem committed to making things work.” As Bennifer gets stronger than ever, the world can’t help but wonder how A-Rod feels about it all.

J-Rod at the red carpet before their split

A love triangle

Last week People reported that J.Lo had to cut him off because of how needy he was acting. ”[Alex] was under the impression that he and Jennifer would go on as friends, but he is acting so needy that Jennifer cut him off,” the source said.

Likewise, Us Weekly reported Thursday that the former athlete is “still very sore and in a world of pain.” “It’s the first time anyone can remember him being dumped like this, at least publicly,” they said.

Regardless of the joint statement, the insider added, “While he and J. Lo have tried to sugar coat it, there’s zero doubt it’s really hurt his ego.” “Seeing her running straight back to Ben’s arms is a real kick in the teeth,” Us’s source said.

“There’s a part of him that still clings onto the hope that they’ll wind up together again but deep down he’s had to accept the harsh truth that she’s over him and moving on with Ben.” Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez recently broke their engagement for good, they announced their separation on april 15 2021 in a joint statement for Today.

The queen of pop culture, who is 5 feet 5 inches tall, has recently finished filming Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic. Marc Anthony’s ex is apparently having the time of her life, she’s not married to anyones, she’s happy and single and enjoying her time with an old friend. Go J.Lo!

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