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Jennifer Lopez Wishes Alex Rodriguez’s Daughter A Happy 13th Birthday After Ending Engagement

Jennifer Lopez gave a sweet birthday shout-out to Alex Rodriguez’s daughter, ‘Ella Bella,’ six days after J.Lo and A-Rod announced their breakup.

Jennifer Lopez wishes Alex Rodriguez's daughter a happy birthday
Jennifer Lopez wishes Alex Rodriguez's daughter a happy birthday

A breakup didn’t stop Jennifer Lopez from wishing her ex-fiancé’s daughter a happy birthday. Alex Rodriguez‘s daughter, Ella, turned 13 years old on April 21, and J.Lo made sure to celebrate the special occasion with a shout-out on her Instagram Story.

The singer and actress shared a black-and-white photo of her and Ella and wrote over it, “Happy birthday Ella Bella.” This was the very same photo that A-Rod included in his own birthday tribute for Ella.

Jennifer Lopez's Instagram Story wishing Ella Alexander Rodriguez a happy 13th birthday

Like J.Lo, A-Rod didn’t let their ended engagement stop him from celebrating Ella’s big day with a memory that the teenager had with his ex-fiancée. While J.Lo made it into A-Rod’s video tribute, his focus was solely on Ella in the caption.

J.Lo and A-Rod had announced their split just six days before Ella’s birthday. Jennifer Lopez had allegedly “insisted” on the breakup because there were “too many issues that are unresolved,” a source later claimed in a PEOPLE report.

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