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Jennifer Lopez more in love than ever: this was the party that Ben Affleck organized for her birthday

The singer surprised her boyfriend with two very important details.

Jenniffer Lopez and Ben Affleck.
Jenniffer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are living a very important moment in their lives and this is because after almost two decades, they gave their love a second chance. After her separation with Alex Rodríguez, the artist did not hesitate to look for her ex-boyfriend again and turn the page of a relationship that did not work out.

Although it can be seen that they are made for each other, this was more than evidenced this week on the interpreter's birthday. Affleck celebrated his 49 years and true to his style, he wanted to do it in a discreet way, something that Lopez strictly respected. For this reason, he organized an intimate celebration for him and with his closest associates.

Hours earlier, the actor had been seen walking with his children Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, enjoying their day. But later, the singer entertained him in the best way and reinforced this bond that they are so passionate about. Although it is not known exactly what he gave her, two very positive attitudes that the singer had with her partner did transcend.

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On the one hand, it is known that Jennifer Lopez is creating a great bond with the actor's daughters and for that reason, she gave them some great value necklaces. But as if that were not enough, he also deleted all the photos he had with Alex Rodríguez from his Instagram account and made it clear that this story has already been forgotten and that he is finally with the person he always wanted. 

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Video taken from the Billboard channel.

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