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Jennifer Lopez must get rid of something very precious if she wants to go live with Ben Affleck

The relationship is at its best, but the singer must meet a condition.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are definitely the couple of the moment and as is known, their relationship is better than ever. After almost two decades of being engaged and with firm marriage plans, the artists decided to give themselves a second chance and try again in the hope that this time will be the final one.  

In principle, one of their biggest fears was that their children would not get along or even be accepted by them. However, from one moment to the next, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were able to assemble both families in the best way and now there are serious plans for coexistence, but for this to happen, the singer has to make a decision.

It is nothing more and nothing less than selling his penthouse in New York, valued at nothing more and nothing less than 25 million dollars. As is known, he spent about three years in the place, although he has long wanted to sell it, but he does not succeed; now he has set himself the firm goal since he wants to organize his life next to the Hollywood heartthrob. 

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The idea is to go to Los Angeles, as he feels that his property does not have enough privacy that he would like. Although it is becoming very complex to get rid of the mansion, the singer made a reduction of two million dollars, waiting to be able to realize her goal. Meanwhile Jennifer Lopez looks forward to being at the side of the man of her life in the same house.  

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