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Jennifer Lopez's ex who wants to get her back even though she's with Ben Affleck now

Watch out, Ben Affleck! P. Diddy shares a #tbt with Jennifer Lopez. Check it here!

Diddy shares a tbt with ex girlfriend Jennifer Lopez
Diddy shares a tbt with ex girlfriend Jennifer Lopez

Perhaps P. Diddy feels a little left out when it comes to Jennifer Lopez meeting up with her ex-boyfriends. As we all know, ‘Bennifer 2.0’ is enjoying his early days, after 'Jenny from the Block’ met his ex-fiancé, Ben Affleck.

But last Thursday, Diddy jumped into action and posted a throwback with Jennifer Lopez. It is not known for sure when the photo was taken, but the couple were in a relationship from 1999 to 2001.

Diddy, whose real name is Sean Love Combs, and Jennifer Lopez were once one of the couples besieged by the paparazzi in Hollywood. They began dating in 1999, after meeting on the set of one of the music videos for their debut album On the 6. At the time, Diddy was in a relationship with Kim Porter, but couldn't resist JLo's charms.

Diddy's post

Of course you remember the time they were arrested in New York in 1999. What happened? What seemed like a fun night out at a club in NY, turned into a nightmare when a shooting occurred at the scene, leaving three people seriously injured.

The couple were arrested after fleeing the scene with a gun in the trunk of the Lincoln Navigator that Diddy was driving. The charges against the singer were eventually dropped, but Diddy had to go to court.

The couple ended their relationship months before Diddy's trial, where he was ultimately absolved. Despite rumors of what caused the breakup, shortly afterwards J.Lo confirmed that it was his numerous infidelities. It was the first time she was cheated on.

Jennifer Lopez

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