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Jessica Alba spills the beans playing 'Never have I ever' while drinking cocktails

On the outside Jessica Alba is every bit the movie star — but she admits that inside lurks the heart of a “Karen.”

Jessica Alba jokingly confirms she’s a ‘Karen’
Jessica Alba jokingly confirms she’s a ‘Karen’

The beautiful actress and business mogul Jessica Alba, 39, jokingly copped to having some busybody tendencies that could make her go viral during a boozy confession game Wednesday.

While playing “Never Have I Ever” with some other stars during “The Vanity Fair Cocktail Hour, Live!” Jessica Alba and the rest of the group posed the question: “Never have I ever asked to speak to the manager.”

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Everyone who actually did speak to a manager was supposed to take a drink of their beverage — and the “Dark Angel” star was the only one on the show to take a big gulp. “I can’t wait to speak to the manager!” she declared. All the other participants were a little aghast at the thought of it.

“No, I haven’t done,” said “The Crown” star Emma Corrin, “I’m really bad at conflict.” Baby2Baby co-founder Canadian-born Kelly Patricoff agreed, “Same here, too Canadian for that.” And “SNL” alum Cecily Strong explained: “Yeah everything’s my fault no matter what, let’s start there. I’m the manager who needs to be spoken to.”

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