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Jessica Biel admits she feels overwhelmed being a mom for the second time with husband Justin Timberlake

Being a mother can be a beautiful blessing, but not all times are good and Jessica Biel knows it. Find out how Justin Timberlake's wife feels!

Jessica Biel is overwhelmed by motherhood
Jessica Biel is overwhelmed by motherhood

Actress Jessica Biel welcomed her second child almost a year ago, although both she and her husband, singer Justin Timberlake, waited several months before releasing the news publicly in order to enjoy this new experience without the whole maternity pressure.

Therefore, the two lovers can already boast of being the proud parents of Silas, who is six years old, and the youngest Phineas, but the truth is that their mother has chosen, in her last interview, to bring up some of the aspects less pleasant of motherhood.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake with their little son

Jessica Biel has openly admitted that, at times, she feels that she has 1000 children instead of just two, especially when the tasks, requirements and other responsibilities related to her two little ones accumulate.

Jessica Biel thought that as she was going to be a mother for the second time, motherhood would be slightly more bearable in certain aspects thanks to the accumulated experience with her first-born, but that factor, apparently, does not compensate for the way in which the tasks of motherhood have multiplied.

"A very wise friend once told me: 'One child is a lot, but with two it is as if you have 1,000. And that is exactly how I feel. Of course, regardless of the difficulties, the artist could not be happier to watch her two boys grow and get to know each other like close brothers.

Jessica Biel

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