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Jessica Simpson shared makeup-free selfies and and unleash a war between fans and haters

No makeup, no filter, no problem. Jessica Simpson shared a makeup-free selfie and fans and haters collapsed. Learn more here!

Jessica Simpson isn’t afraid to share makeup-free pictures
Jessica Simpson isn’t afraid to share makeup-free pictures

The sun was shining Thursday morning and Jessica Simpson decided to multi-task by snapping some selfies while she soaked up some Vitamin D. The 40-year-old actress looked carefree, happy and better than most people do when they wake up.

She captioned an Instagram post of the selfie, “Sunny kinda mornin.’” Fans complimented Jessica Simpson, who is 1,61 m tall, in the comments and praised her for sharing a “real” picture. One wrote, “thank you for being so real!!! Still gorgeous without all the makeup!”

Another woman said, “So naturally beautiful!!!! You are such an amazing example for women our age” Unfortunately, she had some haters too. The actress also posted another beautiful makeup-up free selfie on her story and added, “Rise and Shine.”

As unproblematic that Jessica Simpson has been over the years, she was still a victim of hate by trolls on the internet. Since people hold celebrities to a higher and impossible standard when it comes to aging and beauty, there were plenty of strangers commenting that she didn’t look “the same as before” and didn’t look “natural” and could get some plastic surgeries.

Fans started replying to the haters directly and shamed them for bullying her. One person wrote, “I’m appalled at the rudeness of humans! If you don‘t like her smile, move along. She is sharing a happy moment with us.”

And continued, “If you can’t be happy in her shared movement MOVE ALONG!!! Why can’t we just cheer each other in and be encouraging with such comments as go, girl! Soak up those sun rays!”

Jessica Simpson's makeup-free story

Jessica Simpson has her own book!

Haters aside, Jessica Simpson has been busy promoting her 2020 memoir “OPEN BOOK,“ Amazon partnership, and spending time with her beautiful family. Her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson just turned 9 on May 1st and the mama shared a photo with the birthday girl, husband, Eric Johnson, and their son Ace Knute Johnson.

The proud mama calling the 9-year-old, “prayerful, nurturing, intuitive beyond belief, hilarious, honest, a lover of horses and every animal on the planet, empathetic, wise beyond her years, thoughtful, strong, beautiful, hardworking, creative, and observant.”

Jessica Simpson’s natural picture comes after her amazing transformation after losing 100 pounds. Apparently, to lose weight she used to have three meals a day and two snacks — each meal is packed with protein, fibre and healthy fats. It's about making healthy choices, not denying yourself of certain food. And lots and lots of exercise.

Jessica Simpson

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