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Joe Jonas: Reveals his favorite moments as a dad with daughter Willa he shares with Sophie Turner

The singer discussed fatherhood and how he is dealing with quarantine. Find out what he said here!

Joe Jonas opens up about wife Sophie Turner and fatherhood
Joe Jonas opens up about wife Sophie Turner and fatherhood

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner keep their personal lives very private; however, lately, the pair have been sharing bits and pieces. Recently, the singer appeared on CBS This Morning to talk about his new “Helping Hands” campaign and discuss other topics, including fatherhood and how he is dealing with quarantine.

“It’s been forced time at home — I’m always on the go, I’m always moving and traveling and touring. To be in one place for a solid amount of time and having my feet on the ground and be with my family, my immediate family is time I don’t think I’ll get back,” he told Gayle King. “I’m so thankful and grateful.”

When asked about how his baby girl, who was born in July 2020, daughter Willa looks like, he said she is “gorgeous.” According to Joe Jonas, he also appreciates taking naps when possible. “Naps are nice. All around,” he said, joking.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas welcomed their first child in the summer of 2020. “They are home and getting settled. Joe is very hands-on and involved. He wants to do everything he can and loves being with the baby and helping Sophie,” an insider revealed to E! News following the birth of Willa.

According to the source, the two have been “so excited to be parents,” and they’ve ”been texting pictures to friends and calling on FaceTime to show her off.” The insider went on to say, “Everyone is very excited for them.”

The pop star also shared details about the mental health foundation he and his wife are developing. “For us, it’s always been an important topic. As a couple, but also as entertainers,” he said.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner with baby Willa

“We’ve noticed how much just in the last year and a half, it’s taken a toll on a lot of different people. I feel like I’ve been able to find new ways to call my mind and check in with myself, and make sure that I’m taking care of myself and different ways,” the Disney Channel star of Camp Rock revealed.

“Whether that’s meditation or speaking to a therapist, even those things that, for me at least, have gone a long way, and especially the frontline workers out there who have put their life on the line daily and are working these extreme hours,” Nick Jonas’ brother said.

“It’s really intense, and we all have loved ones that are out there doing this, or at least you know somebody that’s out there doing this, and so we’re thinking of ways, creative ways that we can give back to them and donate our time donate it whether if it’s money to really focusing on an amazing charity that’s going to give back for these individuals,” he added.

Love is in the air

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got married in Las Vegas and during quarantine they had to spend a solid amount of time together. The actress keeps the singer with his feet on the ground, and this forced time at home only made things better for him, as family is time and he would have been spending on moving and traveling and touring.

The former Game of Thrones star is 5'9" tall, while the Jonas Brothers singer is only 5'7". But he is 31 and Sophie is only 25, such a young mom! And although Joe Jonas dated Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift in the past, he seems so much happier now than he ever was. Go Sophie Turner!

Joe Jonas

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