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Joel McHale: Reveals When ‘Community’ Movie Is Happening: ‘We Just Need Money’

Joel McHale opened up about that highly-anticipated ‘Community’ movie and how the cast is making it happen! Learn more here.

Joel McHale opens up about a 'Community' movie
Joel McHale opens up about a 'Community' movie

Joel McHale revealed the Community cast is all in for a reunion movie! On behalf of Q Mixers, the actor, who played Jeff Winger on the NBC sitcom, opened up about the movie plans and how that viral table read, which benefitted pandemic relief, put the plans in motion.

“If you had told me a little over a year ago that there was a chance of a Community movie, I would like, ‘Yeah, maybe,’ but after that table read, we were like, ‘Oh, hey, look, we’re all here and we all like each other!'” Joel said in an  interview to HollywoodLife.

Community cast

The former The Soup host admitted they “just need the money” to make the movie happen now. “To make movies, you need — no matter how you slice it — you’re going to need a little bit of money to make it,” he said.

Joel McHale added that he can’t believe how successful Community has been since it went off the air after its sixth season in 2015, although it was always kind of about to be canceled, it had good success on the streamers. “I was just like, ‘God bless,’” he concluded.


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