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John Travolta sold his house for $ 4 million with various luxuries included

The imposing property has an incredible location, facing the ocean in Clearwater, Florida, and is over 500 square feet.

John Travolta.
John Travolta.

American actor John Travolta, 67, is remembered in the Hollywood industry for his iconic performances in Vaseline (1978) and Saturday Night Fever (1977). But in the last hours his name made headlines when an important news spread: he is selling his mansion located in Clearwater, in Florida of the United States for what is valued at a fortune. 

According to the Guacamouly media, John Travolta made the decision to sell his comfortable and luxurious property, this because he previously asked for an initial sum of USD $ 4.65 million. The house has more than 500 square meters and consists of 5 bedrooms plus 5 bathrooms that are distributed over two floors. In addition, the decoration includes large windows and a modern style in which brown and gray colors predominate. 

Another of the attractions of John Travolta's house is that it has a large pool, as well as a spa that has an impressive view of the sea, which made it one of the most sought-after residences despite the initial price that the famous asked: well It was around USD $ 4.65 million. 

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However, the final price of the mansion was USD $ 4 million. To this is added that the actor's house also has a dock where new tenants can enjoy a wonderful outdoor sunset, in addition to a one-room cabin that becomes one of the most welcoming areas of the facilities. 

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