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John Travolta's Incredible Mansion: Extravagances and an Airport in front of his house

The actor invested a real fortune to have the house of his dreams.

John Travolta.
John Travolta.

Hollywood stars usually lead a very wealthy and eccentric life and, in the vast majority of cases, this is reflected in the mansions that are bought or ordered to be built. John Travolta is a clear example of this, as he lives in a property that is valued at $14 million. 

It is located in an exclusive area of La Florida and has two runways and a hangar with up to five aircraft of different sizes. Right here is a Boeing 707 valued at 85 million euros, which was acquired some years ago by the protagonist of Grease or Pulp Fiction.

A fan of airplanes, as soon as he established himself as an actor, John Travolta decided to spend more than 3 million dollars to build his house and do it at the foot of a runway. Then he found the justification for this decision since, between filming and filming, he decided to travel with his private plane to visit his family and spend a few hours with them.  

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However, these are not the only qualities of John Travolta's home since it is also characterized by being very comfortable and spacious. Among its main attributes can be highlighted: nine bedrooms en suite, a large swimming pool, as well as a huge living room from which you can see its precious planes. 

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