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Johnny Depp is auctioning off a love poem he wrote to ex-fiancé Winona Ryder

When Johnny Depp dated Winona Ryder back in the 1990s, they were both fans of poetry. Now he will auction a poem that he wrote to his ex-girlfriend for charity. Learn more here!

Johnny Depp is auctioning off a poem he wrote to Winona Ryder
Johnny Depp is auctioning off a poem he wrote to Winona Ryder

The Hollywood star has joined forces with ViciNFT to auction several items, including a photograph of him playing one of his beloved guitars at his villa in France and a poem he wrote to his ex-fiancé Winona Ryder.

25% of the funds raised by Johnny Depp will go to one or more charities that support the protection of wildlife and the environment, and an additional donation will be made to a climate conservation fund.

"I believe that ViciNFT is the first company of NFT [non-fungible token or digital assets of works of art or any other product] that really wants to protect and improve the environment. I trust that the founders of ViciNFT will always put the acts of charity and to help others over and above mere profitability," the interpreter said in a public statement.

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder were an iconic couple

ViciNFT is directed by Bill Gladstone, an author and literary agent who has represented celebrities such as Neil Young, Pamela Anderson, and Deepak Chopra. “This is an innovative opportunity to recognize creative artists, musicians, authors, poets and visionary thinkers,” the company assured. 

They also said that “Johnny Depp is one of the most versatile creative artists of our generation, making him the ideal creative personality to launch Creative NFTs across the globe for the common good," insisting that Johnny Depp's official NFT series will be a success.

For those who do not remember, the movie star and Winona Ryder were a couple for three years, between 1990 and 1994, after they starred together in the movie 'Edward Scissorhands' directed by Tim Burton, and were known for their mutual love of poetry.

Johnny Depp's sad present

In fact, Winona Ryder defended her ex Johnny Depp after he was called ‘wife beater’ by the media who sided with Amber Heard in their legal battle. He was kicked off his last project, as nobody will sign with him because of that, which he calls everything a lie.

Fans would love to see him act, as they did in City of Lies, which is a 2018 American crime film directed by Brad Furman, based on the non-fiction book LAbyrinth by Randall Sullivan, about the investigations by the Los Angeles Police Department of the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. in that city.

The film stars Johnny Depp as retired LAPD detective Russell Poole and Forest Whitaker as journalist Jack Jackson, with Rockmond Dunbar and Neil Brown Jr. also starring. Other movies he star in are Pirate of the Caribbean, Murder in the Orient Express, Alice through the looking glass, and his big gig: 21 Jump Street.

Johnny Depp

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