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Julia Roberts and a tragic ending she refused to film for Pretty Woman

The film was going to have another closure, but the actress decided to express her disagreement.

Julia Roberts.
Julia Roberts.

It is undeniable that Julia Roberts has made a large number of films that have allowed her to position herself as one of the favorite actresses in Hollywood. Even, many directors have her as a cult star who should always have a place in any prestigious production.  

However, as is known, "Pretty Woman" was the work that most allowed her to show off and show that, just as she has a lot of talent for comedy, she can also move and tell different stories. In it, she makes a woman who has to work on the street to earn a living, until she meets a billionaire man with whom she falls in love and allows her to abandon that tragic life and give an end full of love to the viewers. 

But what transpired is that this ending was not going to be like this, but that the producers had thought of a very different situation. According to what they planned, the character played by Richard Gere and that of Julia Roberts were going to live a very intense story and even full of romantic moments, but that powerful man was not going to leave the complexes aside to live that romance. 

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The protagonist put the cry in the sky and pressed for this not to be so, but the filmmakers ignored it. Some time later, the production company had to sell the rights to "Disney" for lack of funds to continue paying for the work and from the entertainment company they chose to change the ending and give the public the best love film of recent times. 

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