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Justin Bieber denounces campaign that aims to discredit his image and mental health

The singer is tired of the comments against him and has evidence about it.

Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is not having his best time with the press and this is because he understands that there is a malicious attitude on the part of many paparazzi to show him as a dangerous young man, who persists in the world of excesses and lack of control in addition to his face is the best demonstration of this deterioration.

The main proof he has of this is that every time he looks for an image of him on the internet, he finds the same ones where he is seen to be off and very deteriorated. By repeating this same situation so many times, Justin Bieber, creator of Baby, has indicated that this is not a mere coincidence and denounced it on his Instagram account. 

There through the Stories, Justin Bieber affirmed that the media look for these images in a treacherous way. He also recalled that he was diagnosed with an infectious disease and that he also suffered from a case of chronic mononucleosis; but, nevertheless, it is not a situation that has him on the ropes far from it. 

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According to the artist's perception, this is used to demonstrate their fragility and thus sell more headlines at the expense of their health and physical condition. As he indicated, he understands that there are many who are jealous of him and that his duty is to establish clear limits so that no one passes him over with the theories they elaborate. 

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Music video taken from the official Justin Bieber channel.

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