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Kanye West: Finally agrees to sign Kim Kardashian's divorce papers but it's not what he wants

Kanye West has responded to the divorce papers Kim Kardashian filed two months ago and things are moving forward. But, that doesn’t mean the rapper is happy about it.

Kanye West accepts his marriage to Kim Kardashian is over
Kanye West accepts his marriage to Kim Kardashian is over

Kanye West, 43, took almost two months to respond to Kim Kardashian’s divorce filing, and sources confessed that the delay was down to his desire to fix the marriage, according to HollywoodLife.

“Kanye took his time because he was holding out hope that he could fix things,”  a source close to the rapper revealed. “Clearly that’s not happening, and he’s finally accepted it. His inner circle urged him to hire a good lawyer and settle this once and for all and thankfully he finally listened to reason.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West iconic red carpet

On April 9 Kanye West’s lawyers filed paperwork asking for joint custody of their children. Kim Kardashian, 40, also requested joint custody of North, 7, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 1. And, according to the same source, the rapper’s friends are hopeful that being “on the same page” about custody will make the divorce easier.

“His main concern is getting equal rights to see his kids,” the source explained. “And since they are both on the same page with that, everyone is expecting it to be a fairly swift resolution.”

Kanye West is not happy with Kim Kardashian's divorce idea

“This is not something Kanye wants,” the source continued. “If it were up to him this divorce would not be happening so taking this step was very painful for him. But he’s in a place of acceptance now, there’s really not any other option.”

A second source close to Kanye told that the Yeezy designer is still heartbroken over the divorce. “Kanye is very sad that it has gotten to this point. But reality is now reality, and he is making sure to get the best out of the situation.”

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