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Kanye West can't handle the guilt he carries with Kim Kardashian

The rapper knows he could have hurt Kim more than once and wants to ask for forgiveness.

Kim and Kanye
Kim and Kanye

After attacking Kim on networks to then try to conquer her and rekindle their relationship, Kanye realized that he had been a very bad person with his ex in recent months and accepts that he could have hurt her with his words and publications.

Kanye had not been a good ex-partner, he attacked Kim and Pete when they were in their relationship. It seemed that Kanye had a lot of anger towards his ex-partner, attacking her and putting the situation in his favor, hoping that maybe Kim would come back, but she didn't.

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In an interview Kanye apologized to his ex, commenting that she is the mother of his children, and he shouldn't have acted that way, accepting that Kim gave the opportunity to talk and that made the musician quite happy, plus Kim ended her relationship with Pete, a person Kanye hated or so it seemed.

After Kim ended her relationship with Pete and accepted to talk to Kanye, the musician publicly apologized for his actions towards his former partner, he is happier and calmer, maybe he thinks he has a chance to be a family again, him, her and their four children.

Kanye wants to be Kim's partner again

The musician is hoping to be able to be Kim's partner again, although she wants to talk to him, this does not ensure that they can be a couple again but if Kanye could start to correct his mistakes.

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