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Kanye West took a big step and now has a new name: what will it be called from now on?

The artist and ex of Kim Kardashian debuted his new personality and buries who he was.

Kanye West.
Kanye West.

Just as Kim Kardashian knows how to generate controversy and make her name and surname a company, her ex-husband Kanye West follows in her footsteps perfectly. The artist is considered one of the most influential in the world of rap and therefore, each song he publishes as well as every scandal in which he is involved wholesale comments and magnifies his figure. 

On this occasion, it was learned that singer Kanye West chose to change his name and surname and become Ye'. A judge in Los Angeles granted his request and confirmed that from now on he will respond to those two letters, without the accompaniment of another name or surname. Asked about the reasons that led him to make this decision, the music star mentioned that it was due to personal issues. 

However, there are those who indicate that in his childhood they called him in this way as a way to narrow his name and make it easier to pronounce. Perhaps, for this same reason, it is that in 2018 he released an album that bore this denomination as a way to honor the one he was at some point. 

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So far, Kanye West has not commented on it and this is because he knows that it is already a decision made and that everyone will have to get used to calling it properly. Meanwhile, after an extremely difficult year due to his separation from the socialite, he remains happy for his successes and for continuing to break records on all music platforms. 

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Video taken from the Daily Pop | channel And! News.

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