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Kanye West's most iconic sneakers are already the most expensive in history

Por Lucía Murphy

27/04/2021, 09:50 PM

Kanye West's most iconic sneakers are already the most expensive in history

Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 1 Prototype Sells for $1.8 Million, check the shoes out!

The legendary custom shoes that rapper Kanye West wore during the 2008 Grammy Awards ceremony, the first of the pairs in the Air Yeezy line that the musician designed in collaboration with the firm Nike, have broken all records registered so far on the economic value that accessories of these characteristics can achieve in private auctions.

During a ceremony held this week at the renowned Sotheby's house, such striking footwear saw its price rise to 1.8 million dollars thanks to the bids of an investment firm called RARES, which is precisely dedicated to the acquisition of these accessories, in order to get all possible economic returns from them later.

The almost two million dollars in which the value of these iconic Air Yeezy has been estimated far exceeds the 560,000 dollars that were paid, last year and at Sotheby's itself, for the shoes of the already dethroned king of this particular market niche, former basketball player Michael Jordan.

His mythical Nike Air Jordan 1, which opened the ban on that revolution in sports footwear that occurred in the nineties and as a result of the planetary fame of the then Chicago Bulls player, held this particular world record until now.

Kanye West's already very expensive Nike were designed for such an important occasion by the rapper himself, Mark Smith and Tiffany Beers - the latter, a designer of the multinational - in the so-called 'Kitchen of Innovation' in Oregon.

Several years later, in 2015, the musician finally dared to market his own Yeezy brand and, as a result of his remarkable success, the musician can now boast of having become a 'billionaire' like his ex Kim Kardashian.