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Kate Hudson: Supports Friend Matthew McConaughey as Possible Governor of Texas

Actor Matthew McConaughey wants to be Governor of Texas and Kate Hudson supports her friend! Find out here what she said about him.

Kate Hudson defends her friend Matthew McConaughey
Kate Hudson defends her friend Matthew McConaughey

Kate Hudson co-starred in the iconic romantic comedy 'How to lose a guy in 10 days' with Matthew McConaughey, so of course she hasn’t hesitated to express all her support and underline his qualities as a potential top-level public servant. What do we mean?

A few months ago, actor Matthew McConaughey hinted that he was considering the possibility of joining the electoral race that will lead to the election of a new governor for his home state of Texas. 

How to lose a guy in 10 days

"Of course, we are talking about a very interesting guy. Honestly, if you really want to get into politics ... I think you are not going to find a politician today who can get as involved in public affairs as Matthew,” Kate Hudson said about her good friend.

She also added that “He is an authentic and committed man, he has a big heart, but becoming the next governor of Texas? It may be, I don't know, it is a very important job," explained Goldie Hawn's daughter as she passed through 'Literally!' the podcast by Rob Lowe.

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