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Kate Moss: watching the supermodel sleeping costs more than $18,000

If you want to see the gorgeous supermodel sleeping you have to pay! Learn more here.

Kate Moss' idea of charity includes her sleeping
Kate Moss' idea of charity includes her sleeping

Kate Moss has the innate ability to make even the most everyday activity fascinating when she is the one who does it, and now she is using that talent for a good cause, joining forces with a collective of artists called Moments in Time.

The purpose is to record three videos that will be auctioned as non-fungible tokens - a kind of unique digital assets very fashionable in the art world - through the Foundation platform. One of them has already been sold.

Kate Moss sleeping

A user has bought this video in which the famous supermodel appears sleeping in her own bed, for over $ 18,000. In the other two pieces that are still available, Kate Moss can be seen driving a convertible or walking through what appears to be a forest.

With the purchase of each recording you will also receive a unique audio certificate with the voice of the star of the catwalks and part of the funds raised will go to the charity Gurls Talk, created by Adwoa Aboah.

Kate Moss

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