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Kate Winslet confessed what was the sequel that let her be part of Titanic

The renowned Hollywood actress told the dramatic moment she lived because of the film.

Kate Winslet.
Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet is one of the most important artists of recent times in all of Hollywood. The movie star rose to fame thanks to her performance as Rose in the film Titanic, where she formed one of the most renowned romantic duos with Leonardo Di Caprio. However, it wasn't all glory and happiness. 

Although, to this day the production remains one of the most remembered and awarded in history, it has several secrets behind it; for example, the ordeal that Kate lived when she achieved fame. From what she herself confessed to Mac Maron for the WTF podcast, the British press was very cruel and made her feel really bad.

In the first instance, because they did not like the physique she had and made her feel that her body did not match the profile of the heroine of the story. Little by little and with how much she was tormented with the subject, Winslet began to wish that the fame would pass soon and that little by little she would return to anonymity.

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But that was almost impossible, especially because Titanic became in a few weeks one of the most watched films in cinema. But as the criticism mounted, Kate Winslet began to become valuable and loved more and more to the point of ceasing to care about gossip and feeling empowered by the talent and support that the public has always shown her.  

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Video taken from Sarah's Romantic Drama channel.

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