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Katy Perry: Looks Hotter Than Ever In Strapless Silver Dress For ‘American Idol’ Finale Performance

Hot mama alert! Katy Perry took the stage during the ‘American Idol’ finale for an epic performance, she looked incredible while singing with Hunter Metts. Check their full performance here!

Katy Perry slays at the American Idol finale
Katy Perry slays at the American Idol finale

The one and only Katy Perry slayed on the season 19 finale of American Idol on May 23, as she sang for the show’s millions of viewers, and so did her other fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

Katy Perry sang with Hunter Metts, who was a contestant that made it to the top 7 before being eliminated earlier this season. The two teamed up for an amazing rendition of “Thinking Of You.”

Katy Perry at the American Idol finale

The 36 year-old singer, who gave birth to her first child in Aug. 2020 with Orlando Bloom, looked absolutely amazing in her finale performance ensemble. She wore a strapless, silver dress, which sparkled as she sang onstage.

The look was paired with black pants and open-toed shoes. Katy’s glam was on-point, with glowing makeup and her hair slicked back into a tight half ponytail, as well. Meanwhile, for Katy’s judging look during the finale, she was shining in a glittering, silver pantsuit.

Katy Perry

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