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Katy Perry: Reveals the best thing of eating with her daughter Daisy Dove

Katy Perry confesses what it is that she likes to do the most when she feeds Daisy Dove. DIscover it here!

Katy Perry loves feeding her daughter
Katy Perry loves feeding her daughter

Singer Katy Perry has once again openly boasted of the satisfactions and joys that, since last August, her responsibilities towards little Daisy Dove, her first daughter and the fruit of her solid relationship with actor Orlando Bloom, have been bringing her, with whom he will pass through the altar as soon as the pandemic situation allows it.

In his last public appearance, the pop star has revealed that one of the tasks he enjoys the most related to raising his baby lies in his daily feeding, since among other things it has allowed him to verify that Daisy Dove loves them vegetables and cereals, as well as other healthy products that she has always tried to incorporate into her daily diet.

Katy Perry with Daisy Dove

Also, the 'noises' that the girl makes when eating, or the state of her face after breakfast, make the artist drool with how "adorable" her little girl is. "She loves her milk feeds, but she also eats peas, carrots, and zucchini. She recently started having porridge too, and I love how it gets all over her face in the morning.”

She continued, “That's the best part. does when he eats them, it's just so adorable,’ the interpreter explained in a promotional video for the 'Tiny Kitchen' program. Katy Perry also remembered some of the techniques her own mother used to make sure that she ate their daily dose of greens and vegetables.

"My mother would always put us a side salad or some vegetable mix to keep us healthy, and we usually were. I think we generally benefit a lot from that healthy approach. So when I think of my mother, I always think of food, healthy food," she said.

Katy Perry

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