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Katy Perry: What her daughter Daisy Dove Bloom will inherit is not what you imagine

Katy Perry already already knows the inheritance she will leave her daughter Daisy Dove ready, discover it here!

All about Katy Perry's inheritance to Daisy Dove
All about Katy Perry's inheritance to Daisy Dove

Singer Katy Perry has undoubtedly sported some of the most memorable dresses and accessories in pop history in recent decades. She has worn colorful and sometimes bizarre outfits that have marked part of her artistic career.

However, the interpreter has now revealed that those expensive things she owns will not end up in museums or auction houses, but will be inherited directly by her daughter Daisy Dove, born last August and the result of her solid relationship with actor Orlando Bloom, 44.

Katy Perry's crazy outfit

“I can't stop thinking about it, really, and I would like those designs to be used again. Of course, she will have carte blanche to raid my closet whenever she wants to,” Katy Perry, 36, revealed the interpreter in conversation with Pop Sugar.

“I need someone to give them a new life, to go somewhere,” she continued, “But I am also aware that Daisy could end up being goth and that she would say to me: 'No, Mom, thank you very much,'” she said jokingly in her interview.

Katy Perry

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