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Katy Perry reveals the weirdest gift she has ever recieved for her daughter with Orlando Bloom

Since she became a mother, Katy Perry has received many gifts for her duaghter Daisy Dove from her famous friends, such as Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. Discover which famous friend has given her the strangest gift!

Katy Perry reveals the strangest gift she ever recieved for her daughter with Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry reveals the strangest gift she ever recieved for her daughter with Orlando Bloom

After becoming a mom, Katy Perry has received many gifts from celebrities and friends including Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. Unsurprisingly, celebrities showered her with extravagant gifts, but there is one in particular that the singer will never give to her daughter Daisy Dove.

According to American Idol judge Luke Bryan, her gift may have been too much for Katy Perry, 36. For this reason, she doubts that she will ever come into the hands of Daisy Dove. Katy Perry revealed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that Luke Bryan had given her a BB gun and a pink tractor, which was the strangest gift she received from her as a new mom.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry when Daisy Dove was born

At the same time, she recalled that her friend Lionel Richie gave her a robe and a bottle of champagne for her and her fiancé. Beyoncé sent her a huge flower arrangement and Taylor Swift gave her a blanket that she embroidered herself. This last detail struck him as very sweet and considerate.

On the show, Katy Perry, whose height is 5 ft 8 in, revealed how she chose the name of her baby. The "I Kissed a Girl" singer said that for her Daisy means purity, Dove is peace and Bloom is joy, so the full name means "Purity, peace and joy."

Katy Perry with Daisy Dove and Orlando Bloom on vacation

Daisy Dove's first word

In addition to taking her first family vacation, the famous pop star has been able to show off her postpartum figure on the beaches of Hawaii. She and her fiancé Orlando Bloom are in awe of her little Daisy, who is growing rapidly and has even said her first word.

It was Orlando Bloom who revealed that Daisy had said the first word about her and that both he and Katy Perry were very excited to see her grow up. In an interview with the Times, the actor said that while her first child had said "mom" as her first word, her daughter was all a daddy's girl.

Katy Perry pregnant with Daisy

"My son's first word was 'mom,' but Daisy said 'dad.' It's amazing to be a father again,” said Orlando Bloom. The 44-year-old actor had previously revealed that he wished his daughter's first word was 'dad' and even joked about the method he used to achieve it.

He said that every morning he spends time with her baby singing songs and connecting with her. “Daisy is a very happy baby, I give her kisses and we spend time connecting. He sings "Daddy loves his Daisy Dove," so she knows who her daddy is," added Orlando Bloom.

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