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Kim Kardashian: All about her extreme plastic surgery and dramatic beauty transformations over the years

From lip fillers to bum lifts, Kim Kardashian has curated an image of beauty that has spread like wildfire across social media. Learn more about her surgeries here!

All about Kim Kardashian's plastic surgeries
All about Kim Kardashian's plastic surgeries

Just like her sisters, it's no secret that Kim Kardashian has nipped and tucked her body, and we have the before and after pictures to back it up. The Daily Mirror reported with the help of a surgery specialist, what the famous mum of four might have undergone in the pursuit of 'perfection'.

While Kim Kardashian continues to maintain that she is mostly natural, the reality star revealed that she did undergo Botox in the past and has had laser hair removal on her face. And although her nose seems completely different from before, she said "I've never had my nose done," she said in an interview with Nightline in 2010.

Kim Kardashian before and now

"In my professional opinion, I believe Kim has undergone multiple non-surgical procedures to subtly change the shape and appearance of her facial features," a surgeon from MYA Cosmetic Surgery explained.

It was also rumored that the reality star has undergone two boob jobs to perk up her assets, according to heat. And in 2019 Kim Kardashian finally admitted to having had some work done on her bum, although she refrained from revealing too much.

Kim Kardashian

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