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Kim Kardashian: Lies about being Olivia Rodrigo’s fan and is discovered by daughter North West

North West trolls mother Kim Kardashian, and caughts her lying about Olivia Rodrigo! Discover more here.

North West trolls Kim Kardashian for Olivia Rodrigo
North West trolls Kim Kardashian for Olivia Rodrigo

Recently, Kim Kardashian posted some stories in which she showed 'merchandising' that she received from Olivia Rodrigo, promoting her first and new album ‘Sour’, which included clothes, trinkets, and a box of Sour Patch with Olivia’s face in it.

It also came with a handwritten note from the artist that said: "Kim, thank you for supporting my music, it means a lot to me. I adore you and wanted to send you this to celebrate the release of my first album 'Sour'. I send you and your family a lot of love."

Olivia Rodrigo's gift for Kim Kardashian

The reality star said, "You know that I love 'drivers license', I want you to come out the disc. " But there was her eldest daughter North West, who listened to her mother and trolled her, replying "You never listen to it,” to which the businesswoman responded: "Yes I do!".

Kim Kardashian then turned to her son Saint to help her out of the 'pothole' and asked him, "Saint, don't we listen to Olivia all the time in the car? Can you say it out loud so people know? Do I hear it, Saint?" Of course he answered yes (thank goodness!)

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