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Kim Kardashian: Why she will never be a lawyer like her father Robert Kardashian

By Lucía Murphy

Kim Kardashian: Why she will never be a lawyer like her father Robert Kardashian

Kim Kardashian confessed that she failed her first year college exams, but at least she tried! Learn more here.

Kim Kardashian is at a somewhat peculiar moment in his life. After the mediatic and millionaire divorce from Kanye West, the businesswoman has focused on herself and on making her own life for herself.

Now she is making the most of it to get her Law degree from her, to which she is spending many hours. However, her work has not always paid off as she would have liked: Kim Kardashian, 40,  has just confessed that she suspended her first year of Law School.

The reality star began her studies in 2019 with the aim of becoming a prestigious lawyer but, apparently, this path to success is not as easy as she thought. In a 'teaser' for this week's episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', Kim tells Khloé and Kourtney that she missed the 'baby bar' at the beginning.

We put you in context: the 'baby bar' is a kind of exam that law students have to take at the end of their first year. A kind of preparation for the bar exam, a test that all future lawyers have to undergo before starting to practice law. In this case, to pass Kim she needed 560 points and got 474.

"I am a failure. I spent six weeks in a row studying 10 to 12 hours a day and it was very important to me. This only depresses you and makes you want to give up," explains the businesswoman to her sisters. In addition, she admits that the worst thing for her is having been away from her children during that time that she will no longer be able to recover.