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Kim Kardashian and the reason why she has so many complexes with her body

Apparently, the businesswoman is not so sure of her body and confesses some of her biggest complexes.

Kim Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most important women in the world and this is because, although she belongs to a very wealthy family, she has known how to capitalize on her talent for entrepreneurship and fashion. Also, it has become a true icon for women for its stunning curves and its confidence when it comes to showing off.

But apparently, this is just a staging since it has thousands of complexes that it tries to hide or try to overcome with the passage of time. On several occasions, she said that one of her main concerns was her last two pregnancies and how her body had changed because of that. Her silhouette no longer looked the same and neither did her skin, the fact of having gained 30 kilos was making her a complex every time, but she managed to get in shape quickly.

How many know that Kim Kardashian is a woman obsessed with her physique and aesthetics, for this reason, every time she notices that this is unbalanced, she does everything in her power to see herself as she would like again. However, this is not the only problem since there is another situation that has her very worried and at the same time fills her with complexes. 

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It is about nothing more and nothing less than your eyebrows. Although many would believe that she is something minor, the oldest of the clan, she has mentioned that this is not the case and she wants to always be in fashion with the choices she makes. From what her relatives mention it is a subject that really has her on edge since she understands that it is the frame of the face. A really unexpected fact about the always beautiful Kim Kardashian

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Video taken from the channel Entertainment Tonight.

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