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Kim Kardashian back at risk: For the second time, a stalker got into her house

The man was arrested and could face a very severe penalty for the act committed. 

Kim Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is going through very conflictive moments and this is because she suffered a violation of her property caused by a man who has been harassing her for some time. It is nothing more and nothing less than Nicholas Constanza, known for always being on the lookout for the model and businesswoman, since he feels a strong obsession with her. 

From what could be reconstructed so far, the situation occurred last week (more accurately on October 19) when the offender broke into the private condominium where the best known of the Kardashians lives, located in San Fernando, Los Angeles. While it was a bad time, it did not happen to adults thanks to the intervention of the diva's bodyguards.

After catching him, the security men contacted the police and he was immediately arrested. Now the topic revolves around the grief he should face as this is not the first time he has headed a moment like this. On the other hand, it already had a perimeter that it overlooked and that could complicate it even more.     

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The man, who had already approached the vicinity of the house in February and May; must pay a fine of 150,000 dollars, more than 563 million Colombian pesos in the case of wanting to leave the case unscathed; but apparently, this would not be so easy and could end up behind bars for several years. On Kim Kardashian's side, she has made no statements and tries to downplay what happened. 

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