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Kylie Jenner and the thousand ways she used to hide her second pregnancy

The youngest of the most famous dog in the world, she made all these plays so that no one discovers her secret.

Kylie Jenner.
Kylie Jenner.

The news that Kylie Jenner is pregnant for the second time surprised more than one and this is because there were no indications that made this particular news suspicious. However, those admirers who are used to observing his images and following his day-to-day in detail, could begin to perceive it weeks ago. 

Although the socialite still did not speak of the subject, sources close to the family were in charge of affirming it and reaffirming it; Mainly, because for some time, she can be seen very close with her boyfriend, Travis Scott and the little daughter they have in common, Stormi Webster. Apparently, they understood that it was the perfect time to give her a baby brother and they made the decision to enlarge the family. 

As for how he managed to hide the news for so long, his fans mention that the answer is found in each of the photos he uploaded to social networks. In the first instance, for a long time she has been sharing photos where only her face and the incredible makeup she uses can be seen. Little by little, it became the ideal technique to not show her figure and the small belly that can already be seen. 

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But at the same time, when he had to show his figure, he tried to be very careful and show one of his profiles. Or not leave everything uncovered, but wear loose clothing that does not highlight your entire body too much. What is known is that confirmation is imminent and that the whole family is very happy for this new member who will arrive to fill them with love and union.

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Video taken from channel E! News.

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