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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett prepare their last and magical night together

The singer will be the star of an event to say goodbye to the music legend.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.
Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.

Although they belong to different generations, the same passion for music runs through their veins. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett made headlines after a major story involving them both was confirmed. It could even be said that he divides the opinions of his fans: on the one hand, it is incredible that their voices are on the same stage. On the other, it is regrettable that it is a farewell. 

According to CNN in Spanish, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, 95, are preparing a series of concerts that will take place at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, in the United States. And the reason has to do with the farewell of the industry music legend. He was recognized as a crooner. The day of this important event will be on August 3 and 5. 

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

Tony Bennett's wife, Susan Crow revealed that her partner suffers from progressive Alzheimer's. This disease presents a loss of memory so it is treated as senile dementia that, on occasions, prevented him from connecting with reality. So his appearances on the public scene were increasingly complex, until the decision was made to retire from his professional career. 

It is worth saying that the disease was diagnosed in 2016. Since then Tony Bennett has set in motion the energy he has to continue creating fabulous pieces. His album with Lady Gaga was a success. He then released The Silver Linings, with the collaboration of composer Jerome Kern, in 2016 and, finally, Love Is Here To Stay with pianist Diana Krall in 2018. 

Video taken from Tony Bennett's official channel.

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