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Leonardo Di Caprio sold the mansion that reminds him of Titanic

The actor got rid of an incredible property in Malibu and increased his bank account considerably.

Leonardo Di Caprio in Malibu.
Leonardo Di Caprio in Malibu.

In the mid-90s, Leonardo Di Caprio was one of the young promises of Hollywood and the directors were crazy to have him in their casts, however, from one moment to the next came a difficult opportunity to refuse and together with Kate Winslet, they became the protagonists of Titanic. Since then, his career changed forever and he became one of the most appreciated performers in the world of cinema. 

As a sign of the happiness that caused him to be part of this great event, when in 1998 he acquired a house in Malibu; he commissioned the interior designer Megan Weaver, to decorate the property with the 'merchandising' of the film: towels, photographs and several posters were part of the objects that surprised visitors to the house. 

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At that time to buy the house, Leonardo Di Caprio had to disburse about 1.6 million dollars; but after spending several years in the place, he decided to say goodbye to the mansion for a figure valued at 10.3 million, taking several million above what he wanted to get a year ago. Remember that this is not the first time he tries to get rid of the place since last summer he had the same intention although he did not have the expected results. 

The luxuries of Leonardo Di Caprio

Since he had failed to sell it, Leonardo Di Caprio rented it for the summer worth $25,000 a month. Among the amenities it has are the three luxury bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private jacuzzi and a wooden terrace overlooking the sea. Although this time the star had to say goodbye to the house, the same does not happen with the location since it has several properties in Malibu valued at thousands of dollars. 

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Video taken from the Samir channel.

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