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Liam Payne proves he can paint in new tribute to Prince Philip

Former One Direction member Liam Payne paints a portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh as a tribute, check it out here!

Liam Payne draws a portrait of Prince Philip to say goodbye
Liam Payne draws a portrait of Prince Philip to say goodbye

Tributes to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh have not stopped happening since his death was confirmed last Friday at the age of 99. Singer Liam Payne also wanted to make something in honor of Philip, as he is from the UK in case you didn't know.

The former One Direction star has shown on his Instagram account the portrait he has made in honor of the husband of Queen Elizabeth II to reveal his artistic talent, unknown until now to the vast majority of his fans.

Liam Payne shares his paint on Instagram

Liam Payne has shared several images of the artwork in different stages of development before showing the final result, starting with a sketch of Prince Philip that accompanied the message: "Starting something really special, or so I hope." 

Shortly after, a second photograph arrived in which his work of art began to "take shape", although he still had "a long way to go". Hours later he was finally finished with the sketch and ready to paint it with watercolors.

"Rest in peace HRH Prince Philip. A small tribute in his honor, thank you for his service," Liam Payne wrote next to the finished portrait. He is gorgeous, he can sing, and now he can paint? Go Liam!

Liam Payne

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