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Shawn Mendes shared a shirtless appreciation post for Mariah Carey’s ‘old’ songs. So, the legendary singer reacted by recreating Shawn’s post with a shout-out to HIS ‘old’ songs.  

Shawn Mendes. Mariah Carey recreates Shanw Mendes' picture.
Shawn Mendes. Mariah Carey recreates Shanw Mendes' picture.

Shawn Mendes made his love for Mariah Carey known on Instagram — so she sent the love right back! On Jan. 28, the 22-year-old Canadian crooner shared a shirtless photo of himself basking under the sun and listed what he’s “grateful” for in the caption: “The sun, coffee, my health, my family, old Mariah Carey songs, music, humans!!!”

Mariah Carey quickly reacted by doing a near-identical recreation of Shawn Mendes’s post. The “Honey” singer went outside and snapped a photo of herself with her arms spread wide out, soaking in the joys of life. “Grateful. The sun, tea, my health, my family, old Shawn Mendes songs, music, humans!!!,” Mariah Carey wrote over the photo.

Fans lost their minds over this little celebrity interaction. Some laughed that Mariah Carey also wrote “old Shawn Mendes songs,” writing comments like “QUEEN OF SHADE” and “Old shawn mendes songs – Mimi you too much.” 

Others didn’t think Mariah Carey was trying to call out Shawn Mendes, though, and was simply showing her support; “not yall thinking she’s shading shawn when she’s just recreating his post and caption lmao it’s supposed to be a joke,” one such fan wrote. 

Shawn Mendes has a good sense of humor, though, because he responded to Mariah Carey’s so-called clapback with laughing and heart emojis. Trevor Noah did, however, gently correct Shawn. “Mariah Carey songs are never old. They’re just timeless!!!.”

Source: Hollywood Life

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