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Meghan Trainor is due any day now with her first child. She’s savoring her last days of pregnancy with a gorgeous reminder, in the form of a beautiful maternity portrait.  

Meghan Trainor shared a gorgeous maternity photo with her fans as she counts down the days until she gives birth. The singer posted a photo to her Instagram page on Jan. 29 where she looked like a pregnant woodland fairy princess, complete with green and pink flowers and leaves in her long blonde hair.

The 27-year-old wore an off-the-shoulder seafoam green tulle netted gown around her, with an opening at her chest to show her large, bare baby bump.The color and fabric Meghan Trainor used was reminiscent of Beyoncé’s iconic pregnancy photo where she announced to the world that she was expecting twins. 

The Feb. 1, 2017 portrait showed the superstar covered in a layer of seafoam green tulle netting like Meghan Trainor wore, while Beyoncé flaunted her bare belly in a maroon bra and blue ruffled underwear.

Meghan Trainor and husband Daryl Sabara are expecting a baby boy who is due in the next few weeks. She captioned the gorgeous pregnancy portrait, “Soooo closeeee. love him so much already,” about their upcoming bundle of joy.

Source: Hollywood Life

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